Lakewood Needs a Community Foundation

“Lakewood is a barbell community: on one end, two country clubs, several lakes and successful residents; and on the other end, serious poverty. The rich and the poor. We who have been blessed by success in Lakewood need to give back to Lakewood.”

— Dave Betz, President, Lakewood Community Foundation Fund

Community foundations throughout the country raise money to meet the needs of their specific communities. The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund was formed to provide a permanently funded endowment to improve the quality of life in Lakewood. The Foundation helps donors accomplish their philanthropic goals for Lakewood. 

The needs in Lakewood are great.

Mission Statement: To provide funding to benefit the Greater Lakewood Community through a permanent endowment.

Vision: Connecting donors with causes that make Lakewood a desirable community in which to live, work and play.