The goal of the Foundation is to increase the permanent endowment to $1 million. Already earnings have enabled the Foundation to fund college scholarships and to make grants to local charities serving Lakewood’s greatest needs. The following grants have been made that directly serve Lakewood charities, children and families.

2022 Fourth Quarter Financials


Beginning Assets, End of 3rd Quarter: 1,111,941.24
4th Quarter Contributions: $16,798.96
Earnings $ 73,883.07
Grants $  (0)
Investment Fees $    (351.94)
Banking Fees $    (51.71)
GTCF Fees: $ (2,829.73)
Ending Assets, thru 4th Quarter, 2022: $1,199,389.89


Larry Saunders Service Award Winner Announced

Sally Saunders and City Council with the Brothers McFadden


Lakewood Community Foundation Fund in partnership with City of Lakewood is pleased to announce presentation of the 2022 Larry Saunders Service Award to the McFadden Brothers. Jonathan and Brian McFadden distinguished themselves through more than twenty years of service critical to sustaining operation of the Oakbrook Swim & Tennis Club.

While working tirelessly over the years to innovate and maintain the pumps, filtration and elaborate pool machinery of the Oakbrook club, Jonathan and Brian excelled in organizing administration, hiring staff and training lifeguards together with swimming, fitness and water safety classes for all ages. The Oakbrook Swim & Tennis Club is designated to receive benefit of the $1,000 award grant. Working together, the volunteer commitment of Jonathan and Brian McFadden exemplifies the community spirit of the Larry Saunders Service Award.  

Sally (Mrs. Larry) Saunders joined Mayor Jason Whalen at City Hall, Tuesday evening, January 17, to present the 2022 award to Jonathan and Brian. Mrs. Barbara Hairston wrote and submitted the winning nomination.

Each year, Lakewood Community Foundation Fund (LCFF) in partnership with City of Lakewood reaches out to community for nominations to receive the Larry Saunders Service Award. Nominations are open and submitted annually in August and September following announcement in The Suburban Times. A three-person Award Recognition Committee (ARC), representing the City, LCFF and Lakewood community, reviews the nominations and selects a winning individual or organization for presentation at the first city council meeting each year (currently, third Tuesday of the new year following Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).

Our thanks to Patti Belle, Lakewood City Council, Tod Wolf, Robi’s Lakewood Camera and Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, and Bob Lawrence, LCFF for their ARC assist, and as always, Briana Schumacher, City Clerk, Lakewood, for her administrative help. And special thanks to Sally Saunders for her community service and devoted participation. 



Grant Requests for 2023 Now Open

Endowed money available for grants this year is $37,600. Grant applications are now being accepted, with a deadline of April 6, 2023. Email to or mail to the LCFF PO Box. Be advised that grants are only made to qualified 501(c)3 organizations with principal benefits to the citizens of Lakewood.

Click below for application form.


2022 Larry Saunders Service Award Nominations Open

Please click here or on Applications above. Deadline: September 23, 2022

The Transfer of Wealth Opportunity

Pierce County is a place of abundance. According to the 2020 Pierce County Transfer of Wealth Study*, our current household net worth is $269 billion. This is the total value of assets in our community –homes, businesses, investments. Over the next 10 years, $48.6 billion of those assets will be transferring from estates to the next generation. $482 billion is expected to transfer over the next 50 years. If concerned, caring community members like you designated 10% of your estate to charitable organizations and causes you cared about, we could transform our region for future generations.

Here is the study at this link. Lakewood's reported household net worth is $19 Billion. In the next 10 years, $3.1 Billion of that will change hands with estate reconciliation. If charitable organizations could only receive 10% of that wealth.....